Buyer’s Agent


Seems like I’ve run into lots of first time home buyers who got burned on their first home purchase.

One common thread: Most of them did not have a professional buyer’s agent working for them!

Here’s my tongue-in-cheek Top 5.5 Reasons why you should NEVER use a professional buyer’s agent:

1. You hate free professional representation of any kind (buyer’s agents are paid by the sellers but represent the buyer).

2. You like to pay too much for your home and would miss out on the chance to brag about how much you spent!

3. You love moving in and finding that there is no refrigerator (it was not written into the contract, a true story).

4. You would enjoy trying to kick on the ol’ AC when warm weather finally arrives only to find out that your new home doesn’t HAVE central AC (another true story).

5. You love emptying your bank account to pay for your own closing costs (lots of sellers concessions can be negotiated up front).

5.5 You take great joy in a long repair list around the house. It’s great experience! (you did not know that sellers will make many repairs, if asked).

One thing I know for sure: A professional buyer’s agent can only SAVE you money!!


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